the advantages of using
aluminum prongs
TRUMARK SLINGSHOT FRAMES are cut from 12 ft. long 1/4 inch rods drawn from high quality, non-rust, aircraft aluminum. Since the rods are made from softer aluminum, instead of iron, the prong tips can be cut to a half circle with a hardened shaping tool on the specially designed high-speed lathe shown above. (The 12 feet long rods feed into the lathe from the left side and continue moving to the right as they are cut). Once the aluminum rods are cut to size, the prong ends are then polished to a mirror-like surface to remove any sharp edges. The process leaves a very smooth, rounded prong tip to which the powerband can be easily attached to the prong using a little rubbing alcohol.

The rounding and buffing of
the prong tips is a special Trumark feature to help prevent the powerbands from breaking when the slingshot is shot, and to increase band life. Although aluminum is more than 4 times the cost of iron, Trumark believes the exrtra cost is justified to provide the best product possible to its customers!
Trying to round the end of a hard, iron rod is impractical because the shaping tool is expensive, needs sharpening often, and quickly wears out. Therefore, the prong tips on iron slingshots are usually cut off square, most often with a band saw. This leaves edges that will bruise and break bands quickly even when the square edges are "smoothed". (The only way to detect this is to roll off the rubber bands "after" you buy the slingshot; which, of course is too late). Some companies try to get around the square ends by adding plastic caps. The drawback is that the caps may pull off and you have to find a replacment band that also includes a new cap, if needed. You may also need glue to hold the new caps on. However, if the prong end of a Trumark Slingshot becomes damaged, any scratches can be easily repaired (polished out) with a little fine steel-wool. This is possible to do because aluminum is much softer than iron. The prong end is then as good as new!

NOTE: All other brand slingshot frames are made from painted or chromed iron, and the prong ends are not rounded - the prong ends might be covered by a plastic cap; if the cap becomes damaged or comes off, a replacement may be hard to find or difficult to install.