Trumark® steel balls are basically iron with a small proportion of carbon. The steel actually contains LESS carbon than the raw cast iron from which it is made. The balls are a pure sample of iron, and have a purity of 99%!
Trumark sling shot SA50 Tracer brand ammo for hunting and target practice.
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Grade-A 3/8"AMMO / No Flats: $4.95

TRUMARK'S Steel-Ball 3/8" Ammo is larger than the 5/16". Although larger, it's not too large. Trumark does not recommend ammo that is larger than 3/8" since it becomes too heavy, and can be unsafe if used improperly. About twice the weight of the 5/16" size, Trumark’s 3/8"ammo is heavy enough for controlling rodents or hunting small game with wrist-braced slingshots in areas where firearms are not appropriate. Perfectly round, this Grade A ammo centers easily in the pouch, and lets you concentrate on the target. (Grade B ammo has a "flat spot" that is found on cheaper metal balls designed to mix paint in spray cans). Always shoot Grade A Trumark ammo! 70 shots per bag.

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$4.95 PER BAG
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