Fits all Tubular Band Slingshots
Trumark Model S9 slingshot without wrist-brace.
Trumark slingshots / catapults are made in the USA for Hunting and Target shooting
Normal Pull - 1/16" > 3/64" wall thickness
Install without tools, string, or glue.
TRUMARK'S ® RR-T TAPERED BANDS improves the operating efficiency of slingshots. Easier to pull back than normal-pull bands, tapered bands are designed to release maximum energy with minimum arm and hand strain while aiming and shooting. These sling shot powerbands are about 35% more efficient than standard, non-tapered bands. Excellent for tournament shooting where faster ammo velocity helps to increase BULL'S-EYE scores.

With a little drugstore rubbing alcohol, the new bands can be easily installed on slingshots with round prongs, without tools, strings, or glue. The best way to extend powerband life, is to condition them against the elements with 303 Aerospace Protectant.

The left and right bands are cut from one length of tubing so they are "matched" (balanced) for accurate shooting. CAUTION: (Powerbands that are folded and packaged curled will take on a "set", and will not shoot accurately when installed.) Trumark's pure, surgical-latex powerbands are packaged straight in air-tight, sealed blisters that prevents deterioration. Sling shot powerbands, being organic, are affected by the elements and have a limited lifespan if not protected. Do not store slingshots or extra replacement bands near electrical devices like air conditioners. See powerband life.

If left sealed in the package, the bands will last for long periods of time. Instructions are included on package. 225 Yard + Range!

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