Classic Sling Shots
60 Years "Old" - Millions Sold!
Trumark slingshots / catapults are made in the USA for Hunting and Target shooting
Trumark Model S9 slingshot without wrist-brace.
Trumark Sling Shots WS1 has been made by Trumark since 1953.
The WS-1: THE ORIGINAL Trumark's 1st wrist-braced sling shot was invented in 1953, and has been manufactured by Trumark for more than 60 years! (See history) The unique sling shot design has changed little since then. It is still as popular today as when it was created in 1953. The flexible (one-piece) aluminum frame with a soft, non-rigid, vinyl handle gives the powerbands a comforatable "feel" when drawn back and shot. Although basic in design, it's performance matches more expensive sling shots on the market today. The WS-1 Sling Shot has a light, high quality, aircraft aluminum frame, matched RR-1 latex powerbands, and split-leather pouch. 225 YD. RANGE!
If you are
under 25 years old, ask your father for details: it's a good chance he probably owned one! If you can find it, bring his sling shot "back to life" with some tips on sling shot maintenance.
$9.95 Made in USA. In Stock
Trumark slingshots caution symbol for shooting catapults
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