Trumark Model S9 slingshot without wrist-brace.
Ammo Storage Chamber
The FSX-FO folding slingshot combines Fiber-Optic Sights with ROTATING PRONGS! It is the same slingshot as the FSX-2000, but without the stabilizer. If needed, the wrist-brace can be easily removed from the handle, and reinstalled later. Although removing the brace changes the FSX-FO into a non wrist-braced, slingshot, it can still store ammo in the handle.

Unique fiber-optic sensors
capture light rays which make the red and green dot sights GLOW for better aiming and shooting accuracy. Powerband Saver rotating prongs extends the slingshot's band life by rotating around the slingshot fork 180 degrees. Light aluminum frame, rivetless one-piece black, ABS plastic handle, Storage chamber, and powered by matched-pull latex RR-T powerbands. Split-leather pouch is soft and pliable. The handle holds SA30, SA50 or SA375 ammo. 225 Yard Range!
$23.95 Made in USA. In Stock
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