Trumark Model S9 slingshot without wrist-brace.
TRUMARK ® Slingshots / Catapults
Trumark Slingshot frames are contructed from high quality aircraft aluminum which doesn't rust. The frame can be cleaned and shined with fine steel-wool. Some aluminum cleaner can also be used to polish the rod's surface. FLITZ® brand polish can be found at hardware stores. Let the cleaner work for a few minutes, and then wipe it off with a soft cloth. With a little "elbow grease" the rod's surface can be polished to a mirror-like finish. Also, the slingshot's latex powerbands, leather pouch, and sponge-rubber wrist-brace recoil-padding will last longer by applying some high quality 303 Aerospace Protectant. It is used on car dashboards, tires, etc. to give them maximum protection against the elements! One application, will provide months of protection! 303 contains a unique UV protection system that helps block damaging UV rays and slow the rubber aging process. You can also use it to "spiff up" the plastic handle to a blacker color.

To learn more about the many features of this very usefull product, go to: 303 Aerospace Protectant.

Some Tips on how to apply.
It's available in handy, 2 Fl. ounce., backpack size, spray bottles. It's applied on jet fighter-plane dash boards to prevent cracking from UV rays at high altitudes. It has a high SPF of 40, the most UV protection offered by any surface protectant. It will prevent drying, cracking, and fading caused by overexposure to the sun. (It can also be used on rubber, tires, diving masks, neoprene, latex, door and trunk seals, weather-stripping, EPDM rubber roofs, CV boots, waders and wet suits). Be sure to apply some to the ends of the slingshot's wrist-brace padding too. 303 Slingshot Forum Posts
Caution: Don't use any protectants too near the slingshot's powerband ends where they are attached to the fork prongs. This might cause the bands to eventually slip off the prongs when you pull back on the bands to shoot. This can happen if the cloth is too wet when you rub the protectant on the bands as you get close to the band's ends. Some of the liquid might creep under the rubbers where they are attached to the prongs, if you're not careful.

ote: Latex rubber is a "live" organic material so it will naturally deteriorate and lose its flexability over time. It's a good idea to give the latex bands some extra protection, especially when you first buy the slingshot or put it into storage for long periods of time. Restoring / protecting rubber is a good idea because natural latex is very unstable chemically and highly sensitive to environmental factors such as oxygen, pollutants, and especially ultraviolet rays in visible light like fluorescents and daylight.

Powerband Replacement: If your powerbands break too soon soon after you have purchased the slingshot, you might have hit (nicked, scratched) the end of the fork prong and rubber tubing with a jagged rock. (If you do use stones it's a good idea to take a little time and pick up some good round ones that are not too large). Very Important: Repairing the aluminum prong ends is easy, and only takes a few minutes. First, remove the bands by rolling them off the prongs with the thumb or heel of hand. Then carefully examine the round ends of the slingshot prongs for any nicks or scratches. Usually you can see the nick with your eyes, but you can also feel with your fingers for any roughness. Any nicks can be fixed by using fine steel wool or #320 grit sandpaper to "polish, smooth" the nick away. Since aluminum is a rather soft metal, this is not hard to do. If your prong tips are "perfectly" smooth your slingshot will be like new, and the powerbands will last a lot, lot longer! Even new bands will break very quickly if they are installed on prongs that have been damaged.

How to easily install Trumark®
slingshot powerbands:
1.) Dip the band ends into approximately 1/8 inch of ordinary rubbing alcohol that does not contain any glycerin or lotion. Do not use soap anywhere on the bands, as soap will cause the bands to deteriorate.

Slip the bands on about one inch, not less, onto the slingshot prong-ends. Be sure that both bands are slipped on an equal distance. Then check to see if the pouch is aligned properly to the prongs so that the pouch sits straight in the non-shooting position. (See the picture on the left below.) If it is not aligned correctly quickly proceed to step 3 below.
3.) Immediately, before the alcohol starts to dry, turn the entire one inch of each rubber on both prongs until both sides of the leather pouch are adjusted so that they are held straight by the prongs and rubbers like the picture on the left. It is necessary to make these adjustments rather fast because the rubbers can become pretty hard to turn as the alcohol starts to dry. Your slingshot will shoot a lot straighter if this is done properly.

4.) For safety, avoid shooting or pulling backwards on the slingshot powerbands for 12 hours to allow the alcohol to completely dry.

Do not let your slingshot lie in the sun or fluorescent light when not in use. Strong Ultra-Violet light makes latex tubing deteriorate pretty quickly by drying it out and causing it to crack. Once the surface begins to crack, even slightly, it doesn't take very long before the band will break, especially where it is attached to the prongs or leather pouch.

ead more about what affects powerband life.

If you would like to increase the life of your bands, and guard them against the elements, it is a good idea to spend a little extra time and condition them with 303 Aerospace Protectant. Being a very excellent product, it will not only bring out and enhance the natural color of your powerbands, but also keep the surface lubricated, supple and sealed for a longer lifespan. The protectant can be purchased from Trumark in the convenient, small 2 FL.OZ. size quantities that includes a spray head for easy application. NOTE: If you buy some protectant, apply it before you install the powerbands on your slingshot. When the bands are not attached to the slingshot it is much easier to work on each band separately for the best results. The protectant can also be used to condition the recoil arm pad, leather, and plastic parts of the slingshot. It can be used on any brand powerband, and not just Trumarks.

The Good News: Occasionally we receive letters from customers who are still using their Trumark Slingshot, and they have owned it for more than thirty years!
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