TRUMARK ® Slingshots / Paint Balls
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Trumark slingshot powerband pouches are large enough, and the fork prongs are spaced far enough apart that the slingshots can be used for launching normal size paint-balls in adult supervised field games. Trumark slingshots are especially effective as "back ups" where your main "marker" has jammed or you’re out of CO2.


1.) If you are using a “thin-skin paint ball” be sure to grip the pouch around the front of the ball to reduce the chances of breaking it in the pouch before shooting. (Once a few broken balls mess up your hands, you’ll quickly get the idea.)

2.) It is not a good idea to carry a supply of balls in your front pockets. If you carry your paintballs in your front pockets they will begin to “warm up” and therefore tend to break or squash easier in your hand when you try to pull back and shoot them.

3.) To avoid overheating your paint balls, you might buy a“10 round Paint-Ball-Tubes” to carry your paint balls. This helps prevent your balls from breaking if you dive headfirst into the ground to avoid incoming enemy fire.

4.) Also, as you might expect, the colder the weather gets the more it stings when you get hit with a cold ball since the balls are less likely to break. To counteract the sting wear loose fitting cloths that help to absorb or deflect the shot, especially if you take a direct hit.

5.) Always Wear Safety Glasses when shooting paint balls.


Make a trumark target to stop slingshot ammo
slingshots ammo target for marbles is easy to make
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