Trumark Model S9 slingshot without wrist-brace.
The Bat Slingshot

THE BAT® is the first slingshot designed to hold a Mini Maglit 2AA flashlight. Now you can shoot 24 / 7 - DAY or NIGHT with Bull's-Eye accuracy! No assistant is needed when you are using The Bat. At night you can light up and follow targets up to 100 feet distance. The popular Mini Maglite® flashlight casts a strong, even band of light that can be focused according to your target needs. If you don't already have one, they are available at many general retail outlets in your area. Install the flashlight by pushing it easily into the flexible hole at the bottom of the handle. No locking screws are required.

THE NEW flashlight feature comes in especially handy as a survival tool when you are camping, sleeping at night, or hiking in low light conditions when you don't make it back to camp before dark. The slingshot can be kept ready by your sleeping bag, in your tent, while out canoeing, or carried loaded while hiking.
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(Flashlight not included)

THE BAT'S removable stabilizer can be easily adjusted by pushing it in or out the full length of the aluminum rod. This allows you to experiment with the position of the stabilizer's weight so that it can be fine-tuned to best counteract and "balance" the recoil when the slingshot is shot. The stabilizer can also be easily removed and inserted from either side of the handle to increase the range of adjustments. The stabilizer shaft is tension fitted in the handle housing so that there is not need to lock or tighten any screws to keep the stabilizer in place.

The position of the stabilizer ABOVE the handle also works as a knuckle saver! If you're getting your knuckles hit by
the pouch after shooting standard type slingshots, the Bat's exteneded counterbalance also eliminates knuckle knock! At the same time, the powerbands are immediately ready for the next shot since they're not all twisted up with the slingshot or tangled around the bottom of your hand.

The "cantilevered" arms on each side of the fork are designed to increase the overall strength at the top and bottom of the handle to prevent twisting of the all-plastic, heavy-duty frame. The prongs are kept stable so that Trumark's normal, tapered, or heavy pull bands can be used, depending on your shooting needs..

Zero in on the Bull's-Eye with The Bat's Fiber-Optic Sights. The optic sensors capture light rays which make the red and green sights GLOW for better shooting accuracy. • The clear plastic-handle slides down the black-nylon frame and releases SA30 5/16" ammo from the top. When pushed up the ammo chamber becomes "self-sealing", and traps ammo in the handle. • 10 shot SA30 5/16" steel-ball ammo can be stored in the clear handle, ready for action. THE BAT is powered by matched-pull latex TAPERED red powerbands with a soft split-leather pouch. 185 + Yard Range! Made in USA.
(Flashlight not included)

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